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400 editions so far
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Sketch A
Sketch B
Sketch C
Sketch D
Sketch E
Sketch F

Sketch is an open-ended series. Works evolve as I code a generative project, sometimes drastically. Intermediate works usually don't see the light of day - they get archived and forgotten. This series is snapshots of different forms along the way - each standing alone, but also part of a larger meandering work flow. The word Sketch implies incompleteness. This project may end up being two works, or it could evolve for years. Part of the joy of generative art is never knowing what's around the corner. I have no set schedule. There may be multiple Sketches released a week, or it could be weeks or months between drops. I have no idea where Sketch is heading and there is no guarantee of cohesiveness from Sketch to Sketch. Color palettes and forms will change as new ideas are explored.

Sketch A

Sketch A starts very simple. It's the basic grid framework I intend to use for the series. It's just a simple grid with one colored square (usually). Colors are borrowed from Echos/Orbits. Grid size, padding, and line thickness vary.


Sketch A (50 editions)

Sketch B

Sketch B remains simple. The basic grid of Sketch A is there, but is starting to be filled. Grid lines are trimmed as if sketched. Colors continue to be borrowed from Echos/Orbits and new colors from Bent are incorporated. Grid size, padding, line thickness, fill color, and fill percentage and patterns vary.


Sketch B (100 editions)

Sketch C

Sketch C has added a subtractive / destructive element to the simple grid from Sketches A and B. Colors are mostly the same, but more variation has been added to the outputs as well as the hue and saturation of the colors themselves. Grid size, padding, and colors vary.


Sketch C (150 editions)

Sketch D

Sketch D (Disruption). The grid is broken. The color palette from Sketches A, B, and C remains. Most outputs are simply single colors or black and white. Grid size, padding, and colors vary. In interactive mode, the user can press the spacebar to see the unDisturbed structure.

Sketch D

Sketch D (100 editions)

Sketch E

Sketch E. Rebuilding after the disruption of Sketch D. Color palettes from A-D remain and more palettes are introduced based on Werner's Nomenclature of Colors, first published in 1814, which served as a classification guide for natural colors before photography became commonplace and used by Charles Darwin during voyages on the HMS Beagle. Grid size, padding, and colors vary.


Sketch E (200 editions)

Sketch F

Sketch F(ree). A gift to all Sketch A-E collectors. The underlying grid structure from A-E remains, but more variation on size and distribution is added. Many more color palettes are introduced. Grid size, padding, and colors vary.


Sketch F (600 editions)

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